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Tiānwénjiào (Chinese: 天文教; Synotic: Astrojiào), or Wéntiānism (meaning "asking The Cosmos"), often known in dialogue as Tiānwén Dào (meaning "the Astronist path"), or Kāng Míng Én Dào (meaning "the way of Cometan", "Cometanic doctrine", or "the persuasion of Cometan"), and referred to in the context of Astronist scholarship as Qǐshì'ism, Qǐshì, or Yǔzhòuism, is the denomination of Astronism predominantly found in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and in some parts of Mongolia, as well as among the Chinese, Hong Kongese, Macanese and Taiwanese diaspora worldwide.

In the study of the denomintion, it is split into Northern Qǐshì, Southern Qǐshì, Eastern Qǐshì, Western Qǐshì, and Central Qǐshì which refer to different regions of mainland China and the differences in the prevalence of certain beliefs and practices of Millettism that have developed in those particular regions. Meanwhile, that which is known as Dà Qǐshì refers to the branch of Qǐshì'ism that is observed by the Chinese and Taiwanese diaspora.

Tiānwénjiào is classified as part of the Tiānwén zōngjiào group which literally translates to astronomical religions, but particularly those which are practiced in the Sinosphere.

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