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Multifaricity is the state and quality of Astronism to exist as possessing a multitude of appellations to which it is referred.

The Vendox is the most well-known symbol representing Astronism.

Multifaricity is the state and quality of Astronism to exist as possessing a multitude of appellations to which it is referred.

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Multifaricity refers to the state and quality of Astronism in which it holds a multitude of different appellations to which it is referred depending upon the context of the reference, with the two main categories of appellations for The Philosophy being primary appellations and alternative appellations. Other categories of appellation include the official appellation and denominational appellations.

Due to the multifaricity of Millettism, the discipline of study of appellatology was created in order to study the different uses of appellations to refer to The Philosophy, the popularity of each of these appellations, the differences in their meaning depending upon the context of their, the reasons behind why certain appellations are used for select circumstances, and the change in popularity of appellations across different time periods.

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